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About Antarnaad

Antarnaad is a project to bring together and curate the art and culture of India, to amplify the voice of a civilization which is as old as time.

In Antarnaad, we dream of compiling a treasure trove of everything beautiful, ascetic and musical which India has to offer to the world. You can expect to read in our blog, about the various art forms of this diverse and colorful country.

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Kathakali is a form of dance drama, originated approximately 1500 years ago in Kerala. The word ‘katha’, in Sanskrit means ‘story’ and ‘kali’, in Malayalam means ‘play’.

Mughal Painting

Mughal Painting

Mughal painting, starting in the 16th century as a blend of three idiosyncratic traditions, signifies one of the most illustrious art forms of India.

Patna Kalam

Patna Kalam

Also known as Company School, the Patna Kalam was a unique school of painting which stepped out of royal courts and focused on depicting the lives of the common people.

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