The Dance Forms of India


Kathakali is a form of dance drama, originated approximately 1500 years ago in Kerala. The word ‘katha’, in Sanskrit means ‘story’ and ‘kali’, in Malayalam means ‘play’.

Mughal Painting

Mughal painting, starting in the 16th century as a blend of three idiosyncratic traditions, signifies one of the most illustrious art forms of India.

Patna Kalam

Also known as Company School, the Patna Kalam was a unique school of painting which stepped out of royal courts and focused on depicting the lives of the common people.


Dhokra is a traditional metal craft prevalent in the tribal areas of Central and Eastern India. It consists of non-ferrous metal casting using the lost wax casting technique to create beautifully ornamented metal artefacts.

Mithila Paintings

Mithila Painting or Madhubani Painting is a style of painting popular in the northern Mithila region of Bihar and parts of Terai in Nepal.

Namaskar !

Antarnaad is a project to bring together and curate the art and culture of India, to amplify the voice of a civilization which is as old as time.

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